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New Interview with Atlas Obscura: "The Controversial Process of Redesigning the Wheelchair Symbol." (March 29, 2018)

"Our symbol is most successful when it’s not fully legal—when there’s lots of wrinkles and questions."


September, 2018 “Inclusivity &  Iconography: A Conversation around The Accessible Icon Project” Dartmouth University

September, 2018 “Pictures, Holes, and Shadows: What Would Molyneux Do?” Co-Authored with Gabrielle Ferretti (University of Florence) at ESPP in Croatia

 September, 2018 “Are there two moons in a moon tube? Sizing up the Moon Illusion?” at ESPP in Croatia

Past Presentations

March, 2017 “From Discovery to Reasoning: Berkeley and Adam Smith” CSSP CONFERENCE at Princeton Seminary

March, 2017 "Religious discordant beliefs, faith, and alief" SSPP in Savannah

October, 2016 “Anticipation by Simulation: Adam Smith's Theory of Perception,” Workshop on Early Modern Perception, University of Utrecht. Here's a link to my Skyped talk

October, 2016. “A New Symbol of Access: How the Guerilla Movement to Change the Wheelchair Icon Hit the Mainstream, and Why We Need to Adopt It Everywhere.” Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

October, 2016.   “Strange Belief: Alieving the Discordant Nature of Religious Faiths,” Colloquium, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

October, 2016.   “Solid bodies: affective embodiment in Locke’s analysis of touch,” First Budapest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Hungary.

Work in progress

I'm finishing up a paper about how Locke gets all touchy about the concept of 'solidity.' Also, I try to make progress on my book manuscript on how to account for why we have the senses that we do with the specific refinements that they possess. 


THE ACCESSIBLE ICON has been adopted by the State of Connecticut IN SUMMER, 2016. See Governor Malloy's 5050 Bill

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