Here is my Curriculum Vita (Professional Resume) with links to papers.


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Brian R. Glenney

Norwich University, Department of Philosophy, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT 05663    |

Areas of Research Specialization

Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Psychology (Perception), Urban Arts

Areas of Teaching Competence

Ethics, Logic, Religion, Philosophy of Science


2016-now         Assistant Professor, Norwich University, Department of Philosophy

2015-2016       Lecturer, Norwich University, Department of Philosophy

2016              Associate Professor, Gordon College, Department of Philosophy

2015-2007       Assistant Professor, Gordon College, Department of Philosophy


Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Southern California (2007)

M.Litt. Philosophy, University of St. Andrews/University of Stirling (2000)

B.A. Philosophy (with distinction), University of Washington (1999)

Publications, Installations, Projects


(Under Contract) “Rewriting the History of the Senses,” edited with José Filipe Silva, Routledge Publishing.

Peer-Reviewed Article

(Forthcoming).“Skateboarding and the Re-Wilding of Urban Space.” Co-authored with Steve Mull, Journal of Sport and Social Issues.

(Forthcoming) “Spinoza on Passionate Misperception.” 

(Forthcoming) “The Molyneux Problem.” Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edited by Tim Crane and Becko Copenhaver.

(2017) “Skateboarding, Sport, and Spontaneity: Towards a Subversive Definition of Sport,” Defining Sport: Contemporary Explorations, Edited by Shawn E. Klein, Lexington Books.

(2016) “Emergent Learning in Independent Studies: The Story of the Accessible Icon Project,” Experiential Learning in the Philosophy Classroom, Edited by Ramona Ilea and Julinna C. Oxley, Routledge Publishing.

(2014) "Perception and Prosopagnosia in Mark 8:22-26." Co-Authored with John Noble (Harvard University). Journal for the Study of the New Testament 37: 50-70.

(2014) "Adam Smith on Sensory Perception: A Sympathetic Account." Propriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith. Ed. Leslie Marsh. Palgrave-Macmillan: 118-135.

(2014) "Perception by Sympathy: Connecting Adam Smith’s “External Senses” to his “Sentiments.” Adam Smith Review Volume 8: 241-255.

(2014) "Philosophical problems, cluster concepts and the many lives of Molyneux’s question." Biology and Philosophy 28 3: 541–558. DOI 10.1007/s10539-012-9355x

(2014) "Molyneux's Question." Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. February 15, 2012 . (Update 2014)

(2012) "When Sensory Substitution Devices Strike Back: An Interactive Training Paradigm." Co-authored with Zachary Reynolds (Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School). Philosophy Study May 2 6: 451-7.

(2012) "Leibniz on Molyneux’s Question." History of Philosophy Quarterly July 29 3: 247-264.

(2011) "Adam Smith and the Problem of the External World." Journal of Scottish Philosophy 9: 205-223.

(2009) "Hearing color: Radical pluralistic realism and SSDs." Co-authored with Zach Capalbo (symbotic). Proceedings of AP-CAP. Eds. Carson Reynolds and Alvaro Cassinelli: 135–141.

(2009)" Interactive training for sensory substitution devices." Co-authored with Zachary Reynolds (Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School).  Proceedings of AP-CAP. Eds. Carson Reynolds and Alvaro Cassinelli: 131–134.

book reviews (selected)

(2017) Review of: The Other Adam Smith, Mike Hill and Warren Montag, Stanford University Press, 2014 for Journal of Scottish Philosophy.

(2010) Review of: The Nature and Structure of Content. Jeffrey C. King. OUP, 2007. Metapsychology Online Reviews. 

(2010) Review of: Disjunctivism. Alex Byrne and Heather Logue. MIT, 2009. Metapsychology Online Reviews.

art installations (selected)

Accessible Icon Project.” Co-Artists Sara Hendren and Tim Ferguson-Sauder, “This Is for Everyone: Design Experiments for the Common Good,” MoMA: Museum of Modern Art, New York City, February 14, 2015–January 01, 2016.

“Fish Eye Eyeing Fish Eye” (Photograph) Co-Artist Jean-Paul DiScisio. The Enigmatic Absolute. edited by Matthew Haar Farris and Joshua Ramey, Ashgate Press, (Forthcoming).

“Senses of Care: Mediated Ability and Interdependence” with Sara Hendren: Harvard, CALIT2 Gallery, Visual Arts Department, UCSD. (April 10 — June 13, 2014)

“Sound Selfie.” ACCESS: Ludlow Studios. City of New York. (February 15, 2014)

Accessible Icon Project.” (with Sara Hendren: Harvard, Tim Ferguson-Sauder: Gordon College) MoMA: Museum of Modern Art, Exhibition: “A Collection of Ideas” Architecture and Design Gallery. City of New York (February 15, 2014 – March 15, 2015)

"Accessible Icon Project." Co-created with Sara Hendren (Harvard), Tim Ferguson-Sauder (A Small Percent Design). Museum of Modern Art. Division of Architecture and Design. City of New York. Permanent Collection. December.

"We Never Asked to be Made Human." Co-created with Sara Hendren (Harvard). Barrington Center for the Arts. November-January.

"Digital Iconography: The Veil of Veronica." Co-created with Zach Capalbo (Thermo-Scientific). Barrington Center for the Arts. November-January.

Popular essays (selected)

2013   Innovative Vermin: The Awkward Irony of Graffiti. Huffington Post. 1/15

2012   More Powerful than Words: Art and Advocacy. Huffington Post. 12/17

2012   Why there are No Women Voters and No Women’s Issues. Co-Authored with Lauren Barthold Capitol Commentary. 11/9

2011   Listening for love’s click. Salem News. 2/14

Work in review/progress

Sensory Perception: An Integrative Account. Book project. In Progress.

"Locke on Solidity" In Progress

“Religious Alief” In Progress.

juried Presentations (*=INVITED)

2017.   "Discordant religious belief, faith, and alief" Society for the Study of Philosophy and Psychology, Savannah, GA, March.

2017.   “From Discovery to Reasoning: Berkeley and Adam Smith” Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy Conference, Princeton University, March.

2016.   “Anticipation by Simulation: Adam Smith's Theory of Perception,” Workshop on Early Modern Perception, University of Utrecht, November.

2016.   “A New Symbol of Access: How the Guerilla Movement to Change the Wheelchair Icon Hit the Mainstream, and Why We Need to Adopt It Everywhere.” Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, October.*

2016.   “Strange Belief: Alieving the Discordant Nature of Religious Faiths,” Colloquium, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, October.*

2016.   “Solid bodies: affective embodiment in Locke’s analysis of touch,” First Budapest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, October.

2016.   “Strange Belief: How Religion Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discordant Belief,” Colloquium, Norwich University, March.*

2015.   “Adam Smith: On the External Senses,” Aaron Garrett’s ‘adam Smith group,' Boston University, October.*

2015.   “Christian Alief without Theistic Belief,” Dallas Willard Memorial Conference, Boston University, October.*

2015.   “Design Activism,” Better World By Design, September, Brown University.* Also presented to IDEO, Boston, November.*

2015.   “The Practice and Politics of Street Art,” Better World By Design, Brown University, September.*

2014.   “Care vs. Cure in Social Design,” 1st Brazilian Congress of Health Promotion, Centro Universitario de Maringá, Brazil, NOVEMBER.*

2014.   “Hearing Color.” Better World By Design, Brown University/RISD,* September.*

2014.    From the Boarders: Skateboarding at the Fringe of Sport. Co-authored with Steve Mull (Welcome Skateboards). 3rd Annual Rockford University Sports Studies Symposium at Rockford University, IL. April.

2014-17. “Rewild or Die” Element Skateboard Camp, YMCA Conference Center: Sequoia, CA. July.*

2013.   Machinations Over Machines: Leibniz and Spinoza on Transhumanism. Co-authored with Peter Heath (Gordon College, class of 2014). History and Philosophy of Science Division meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences. February.

2012.   Moving Forward: Activating and Evolving the International Symbol of Access. Co-Authored with Leah Serao (Gordon College, class of 2014). Disability Issues and Advocacy. University of Tennessee. November.

2011.   Hearing Real Colors with Adaptive Technologies. Sensory Worlds. University of Edinburgh. December.

2011.   Double-healing and Experiential Blindness on the Way to Jerusalem. Co-authored with John Nobel (Harvard University). Society of Biblical Languages (SBL). San Francisco. November.

2011.   Transitivity and Animal Cognition. Co-Authored with Ryan Daley (Gordon College, class of 2013). Cognitio. University of Quebec. July.

2010.   Leibniz on Molyneux’s Question. Fourth Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America. Houston. December.

2010   The Present and Future Role of Religion: Debate with Michael De Dora, Center For Inquiry. Tufts' Freethought Society. Tufts University. October. 

2009   Confused About Constancy. Philosophical Psychology Lab. Harvard University. Spring.

2009.   Hearing Color: Radical Pluralistic Realism and SSDs. Co-authored with Zach Capalbo (Gordon College, class of 2012). Asian-Pacific Computing and Philosophy Conference (AP-CAP), Tokyo. October.

2009.   Interactive Training for Sensory Substitution Devices. Co-authored with Zach Reynolds (Gordon College, class of 2011) Asian-Pacific Computing and Philosophy Conference (AP-CAP). Tokyo, Japan. October.

2008.   How to See Shape Without Color. Central States Philosophical Association. Minneapolis. October.

2007.   Touch at a Distance: A Case for Spatial Experience. American Philosophical Association (APA). Pacific Division. April.

2006.   Gareth Evans on Molyneux’s Question: Sameness of Egocentric Information (Poster). The Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SPP). St. Louis. June.

2006.   Cross-modal plasticity revealed by sensory devices (Poster). The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC10). Oxford University. June.

2005.   Consciousness and Cross-modal Integration. The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC9). Caltech UNIVERSITY. June.


2017.  Comments On “Is Thomas Reid and Externalist about Justification?” by robert siscoe, Symposium on Reid, American Philosophical Association: Central Division.

2015    Comments on: Central Banking and the divine language: Visual signs and paper currency in Berkeley’s economic theory by David Hilbert (UIC). American Philosophical Association: Pacific Division. Vancouver BC. April.

2012   Comments on: Representing the Impossible by Jennifer Matey (Florida Int. University). American Philosophical Association (APA): Pacific Division. Seattle. April.

2007   Comments on: ‘Phenomenal Character is Out in the World’: What Does that Mean? by Heather Logue (MIT). Second Annual USC/UCLA Graduate Student Conference. UCLA. February.

2006   Comments on: Hume and Adam Smith on Wonder, Admiration, and Surprise by Eric Schliesser (Syracuse). American Philosophical Association (APA): Eastern Division. Washington, D.C. December.

2006   Comments on: Smith’s Contempt by Kate Abramson (Indiana). American Philosophical Association (APA):Eastern Division, Washington, D.C. December.

2006   Comments on: Prelinguistic Concepts by Matthew van Cleave (Cincinnati). First Annual USC/UCLA Graduate Student Conference. USC. February.


Teaching Experience


Aesthetics (USC: TA). Fall 2005

Bioethics. Fall 2014

Business Ethics. Fall 2015, fall 2016, SPRING 2017

Contemporary Ethics. Spring 2013

Criminal Justice Ethics. SPRING 2016FALL 2016, SPRING 2017

Environmental Ethics. Fall 2007, Spring 2009, Fall 2011, Spring 2013, spring 2015

Introduction to Ethics. Fall 2015, SPRING 2016

Nietzsche’s Ethics. Spring 2010

History of Philosophy   

      Ancient Philosophy. Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009  

      Early Modern Philosophy. Spring 2008, Fall 2010, Spring 2012, Spring 2014


      Advanced Formal Logic: Probability (USC). Fall/Spring 2004

      Formal Logic (+ online). Summer 2009, Summer 2010, Spring 2011, SPRING 2015, spring 2017

Philosophy of Science

      Cognitive Science of Religious Belief. Spring 2013

      Philosophy of Mind.  Spring 2008, Fall 2010, Spring 2012, Spring 2014

      Philosophy of Physics. Spring 2008, Fall 2010, Spring 2012, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Other Undergraduate

      Introduction to Philosophy (+ online). Fall 2007 - spring 2015

      Philosophical Theology: New Atheism. Spring 2007

Independent Study

      Color Perception through Sound; Kant (Critique of Pure Reason); Moral Psychology; Nietzsche’s Ethics; Paradoxes; Semiotics;    

      Sensory Substitution Devices (SSDs); Stanley Cavell; Animal Eye Imagery

Graduate Courses 

      Contemporary American Literature: David Foster Wallace. Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Summer 2015, SUMMER 2016 [ONLINE]     

      Street Art: A Culture of Political and Social Change. Summer 2015, SUMMER 2016 [ONLINE] 

Graduate Independent Study

Bernard Williams; Kant (Critique of Pure Reason)


Awards and Honors

2013   Distinguished Junior Faculty Award, Gordon College

2012   Faculty Sabbatical Award (Spring), Gordon College

2009   Faculty Development Award, Gordon College

2007   “Best papers” Graduate Student Prize. APA: Pacific

2006   College Graduate Final Year Dissertation Fellowship, USC

2006   Mind-Science Foundation ASSC10 Award

2005   Summer Supplement for Strategic Themes in the Study of Mind, USC

2001   College Graduate Merit Award, University of Southern California (5 Years)



Professional Service

2017   Chair, SSPP: Perception

2015   Assessing Editor for The Journal of Mind and Behavior

2010   Chair, Pacific APA Colloquium: Modern Mind and Metaphysics

2008   Chair, Pacific APA Colloquium: Epistemology

2006   Chair, Pacific APA Author-Meets-Critics: Mohan Matthen’s Seeing, Doing, and Knowing: A Philosophical Theory of Sense Perception

2006   Chair, Pacific APA Colloquium: Epistemology

2003   Chair, Pacific APA Colloquium: Descartes and Leibniz


The Philosophical Quarterly; Biological Theory; MIT Press; Cognitive Systems Research; Journal of Sport and Social Issues; The Journal of Ethics; Oxford University Press; Synthese; Routledge; Wadsworth Publishing

Institutional Service (selected)

2016-        ADA council

2014-15   Sustainability Committee

2014         Beyond Disabilities Week, featuring Temple Grandin

2013         Faculty Search Committee: Physics

2013         Faculty Search Committee: Communications (x2)

2013         Faculty Search Committee: Chemistry

2012         Human Rights Student Advocacy Group Advisor

2011-13   Health Professions Committee

2011-13   Faculty Advisor for Undergraduate Research Initiative

2009         Weekly Workshop: Consciousness and Computation. Gordon College.

2009-14   Director of Philosophical Psychology Lab. Gordon College.

2008-11   Chair of Ad Hoc Undergraduate Research Committee

2008-14   Faculty Advisor for the Undergraduate Philosophy Association

Professional Organizations

American Philosophical Society, British Society for the History of Philosophy, Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, International Association for Scottish Philosophy, Huntington Library Reader (Pasadena, CA), Museum of Modern Art honorary Lifetime Member



James Van Cleve: USC School of Philosophy

Janet Levin: USC School of Philosophy

Aaron Garrett: Boston University

Eric Schliesser University of Amsterdam, Department of Political Science

Sara Hendren: Olin College, Engineering/Design - Art Reference

Jeff Gentry: Triangle Inc. Disabilities Services - Advocacy Reference