I'm a philosopher who studies sensory perception, especially Molyneux's question, and social perception in urban arts like skateboarding and graffiti, some of which provoked the collective activism of the Accessible Icon Project.


My research on sensory perception has been published in a diversity of places, including History of Philosophy Quarterly, Biology and Philosophy, Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Adam Smith Review. My work on urban arts has shown up in the Huffington Post, Museum of Modern Art (NYC), and Cooper Smith: Smithsonian Design Museum. I'm currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Norwich University.

My education in philosophy includes a PhD from University of Southern California, where I worked with James Van Cleve, Janet Levin, and Irving Biederman on Molyneux's Question. I also have a Masters from University of St. Andrews working in Scottish Philosophy, and a BA from University of Washington.


My expressions try to follow Emerson's advice, I keep to the surfaces, finding traction with writing, images, skate flow, and graffiti.

"We live amidst surfaces, and the true art of life is to skate well on them." -Emerson



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